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No matter for which option you will decide-beginning by the ARGISOL - Kit with complete planning and structural calculations until turn-key hand-over - our ARGISOL Team will support you individually by realisation of your demands.

Our current offer:

Typhaus 56
1559 sq.ft

38.100,00 €
incl. 19% VAT
A futuristic architecture gives distinction to this home, underlined by the straight lines and lots of window surfaces. Especially the single-pitch roofs in opposite directions give a distinctive and exceptional appearance. Lots of window areas provide a bright and friendly inner. The ground floor offers well dimensioned and openly planned social areas; the attic floor provides the private zone of the house, with high rooms due to the single-pitch roof.

included in delivery:

- exterior walls (25 cm width) for the ground floor and first floor
- load-bearing inner walls (25 cm width) for the ground floor and first floor
- ceiling over ground floor
- planing
- statics
- 1 day instruction

Ground floor
Etage 1
Living room 274sq.ft
Dining room 147sq.ft
Kitchen 123sq.ft
Hall 60sq.ft
Porch 60sq.ft
Toilet 20sq.ft
Utility room 57sq.ft
Terrace (50%) 32sq.ft
Attic floor
Etage 2
Parents 213sq.ft
Child 1 147sq.ft
Child 2 142sq.ft
Bathroom 123sq.ft
Hall 76sq.ft
Storage room 31sq.ft
Balcony 1 (50%) 33sq.ft
Balcony 2 (50%) 21sq.ft