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About us

The firm BEWA Ltd. was founded in 1986 and has its head office in Obersülzen/Pfalz. BEWA produces the ARGISOL® building system which has been tried and tested for more than 25 years - developed and optimized for property developers and sales partners. Marketing, selling, planning or building briefs - our team is ready to support you at any time with any questions you might have regarding the ARGISOL® building system.

Individual Consulting Service

Our ARGISOL® Consultants are qualified to serve you with individual consulting services - from layout to financing, from construction to move-in. Contracted architects will provide you the security of your building project. No matter if Model Home or individual design; every creation is feasible with ARGISOL®.

Our services at a Glance:

  • Individual design supported by a competent architect
  • Search of building lot
  • Building application procedures including all preconstruction drawings, structural calculations including Calculation of Thermal Protection
  • Construction financing
  • Construction Management by experienced specialists
  • Placing of all or specific raw construction/Trade Heading Finishes including Service Contact
  • Familiarization into the ARGISOL® Construction System
  • Construction Management

You are not left alone

The professional support is carried out by ARGISOL®-technicians. They familiarize the client on site - within less than half a day everybody will feel confident of the simple and convenient ARGISOL® construction.