ARGISOL-PlusEnergy-shuttering elements

Due to probably the smallest possible grid dimension of just 2,5 cm in length and width and 5 cm in height, even projects for which the plans have already been drawn up can be carried out with ARGISOL®.

ARGISOL standard element:

  1. Due to the different thickness of insulation excellent inside and outside performance from the point of view of construction physics.
  2. Because of the dovetail-shaped grooves on the inside, the concrete combines with the boards in a perfect fit.
  3. Nubs at a short distance permit aligned and exact fitting.
  4. Metal spacers are laid firmly into the rigid foam boards.
  5. Sealing ribs prevent cement slurry from leaking out and the therefore eliminate the danger of thermal bridge.
  6. Spacing and end elements can be inserted.
  7. Spacing grooves allow for easy trimming of the building blocks in grids of 2,5cm.
  8. Spacer supports for reinforcing bars.

By use of Corner-, Angle- and T-Elements in addition to the Standard Elements, load bearing wall connections are realised by closed concrete core without disruptions by EPS-bridges - allowing an almost unlimited freedom in design.

Technical specifications

Thickness of the wall: 35 cm, not rendered
Weight of the wall: 383 kg/m², not rendered
  413 kg/m², rendered both sides
Amount of concrete: 150 l/m² (0,15 m³/m²) wall space
  Concrete C25/30 XC4 XF1 XA1 F3 8
  according to EN 206 (formerly B25/08 KR)
Material: Expanding polystyrol rigid foam board made from NEOPOR®, flame resistant, specific gravity 30 kg/m³ with laid in galvanized metal stays
Weight of building elements: standard element: 1 m long, 25 cm high, 35 cm wide,
  approximately 2,1 kg
U-parameter: U = 0,15 W/m²K
Sound absorption: proven sound absorption parameter for buildings of R´W = 45 dB, as certified by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA) in Duebendorf
Behaviour in case of fire: licensed up to the limit of high-rise building, classification F90, licensed to be used as a fire wall, certified by the Material Testing Office for the Building Industry, Braunschweig
License: ETA – 05/0170, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)

1.3001 Normalelement

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1.3051 Eckelement rechts

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1.3052 Eckelement links

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1.3053 Innenecke rechts

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1.3054 Innenecke links

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1.3151 Winkelelement rechts *

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1.3152 Winkelelement links *

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1.3153 Winkelelement rechts *

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1.3154 Innenwinkel links *

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1.3201 Sturzelement

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1.3252 Deckenrandplatte mit Hölzer

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1.3301 Höhenausgleichselement *

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1.3351 Endstück

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1.3451 Einzelplatte außen

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1.3601 Normalelement 1/2 *

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* z.Zt. nicht lieferbar!