Products - ARGISOL® shuttering elements

Shortage of fossil resources and an increase in the price of raw materials leads to a forever higher demand for low-energy and passive houses. Private building principals and professional property developers alike have stopped building in a monolithic stone-upon-stone single walled way in preference of quick to use and highly heat insulating Styropor® shuttering elements.

After filling, these shuttering elements provide a solid core with inside and outside wall insulation, guaranteeing thus optimal insulation, a comfortable room atmosphere plus increasing your living area.

ARGISOL®, one of the oldest and most renowned products for this way of building, has taken this trend into account and switched from the production of Styropor® to manufacturing the improved material Neopor® in the middle of 2004.

"Neopor®/Styropor® = registered trademark of BASF"

25 cm element
35 cm element
45 cm element
ceiling element